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About Us

EFR Systems is a special effects company that specializes in providing innovative automatic fluid refill solutions for the entertainment industry. Our simplistic designs allow special effects machines to run more efficiently and effectively, while also reducing the time and labor required to manually refill fluids.

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Making a Difference for Technicians

Entertainment technicians around the world have so many jobs to do. As someone who has worked in the field for over two decades, it’s a struggle that our founder recognized more than most – and they knew there had to be a better way to manage effect machines. As such, they discovered a new determination to make a change and uncover the ideal opportunities for other workers in the field, too.

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A Personal Project: New Solutions for a Long-Standing Project

EFR Systems™ started its life as a personal project. With a little creativity and a product that was little more than a prototype to rely on, our founder, Andrew Smith discovered a new opportunity to make refills easier.

Rather than constant manual refilling or waiting for unreliable and inconsistent gravity-fed supplies, they developed a novel EFR (Effect Fluid Reservoir) pump system. What started as just a personal project rapidly evolved into an idea that could make working with effect systems easier for everyone involved in the industry. As such, EFR Systems™ launched the EFR Reservoir 4.5 – which would set the ball rolling for developing new prototypes and products to make the lives of entertainment technicians easier overall.

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Universal Solutions for Every Project

One challenge that Andrew discovered during their research was that, while several other pump system products existed, they were often limited to the point of impracticality. Most are discontinued or otherwise usually feature a model-specific design. As such, the need for new universal solutions became apparent – and this would additionally allow for saving money by buying fluid in bulk while also making daily use of effect machines wholly more practical.

Simplicity has always been at the heart of everything EFR Systems™ creates. As such, each new prototype is designed to help make life easier and more efficient for its customers going forward.

Don’t settle with or suffer through an outdated system; choose professional solutions instead.